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IoT, Big Data & Advanced Analytics

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Businesses these days are more connected within and outside by means of various data sources, departments & market segments. This leads to a huge amount of unstructured & unrelated data generation which, when analyzed in a structured way can bring great actionable insights within an organization

We have the technical know-how to collect and correlate data from multiple interconnected devices to develop effective insights to serve the end-users better. No matter if you are into Energy, Retail, Healthcare or Manufacturing, we are able to better utilize & understand your existing data with the latest advancements of the Internet of Things, Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Improve your business – take informed business decisions and drive business results faster with our teams of expert engineers and Data Scientists

IoT & Big Data Offerings at Surmount Softech


1. Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Data alone doesn’t hold any meaningful business value. However, through the systematic & scientific application of latest Data Science, Advanced Analytics techniques and domain expertise businesses can find hidden opportunities & acquire productive insights

 2. Machine Learning-as-a-Service

Machine Learning is here and organizations are adopting it at a faster rate. Through Machine Learning computers run predictive models to fetch info from raw data and draw meaningful conclusions like pattern recognition, fraud detection, demand forecasting or marketing targets

 3. Big Data Engineering

Organizations these days struggle with an enormous amount of data pouring in from various sources but data management strategy like Big Data Engineering isn’t about analyzing every bit of it but it’s about yielding smart decisions from relevant information only

4. Internet of Things Solutions

With IoT, more physical devices and people are connected to each other than ever before, which is going to make the world smart and better place to live. However, to realize the full potential of IoT, businesses have to understand new opportunities for value creation for users

Surmount Softech Team

Rely on a multidisciplinary team of dynamic, effective and committed Open Source consultants for all of your business needs. Our goal as a team is to give our clients a wider set of offerings and enables us to undertake significantly larger engagements in providing end-to-end IT solutions.

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