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Creating a Visual Brand Identity for WeOn TV

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“SurmountSoft’s strength in design innovation, imagination and uniqueness helped us meet our objectives.”
Vincent (Co-Founder – WeOn Tv, France)

Introducing WeOn TV

WeOn TV, an OTT (Over The Top) content provider is a brainchild of three extremely talented entrepreneurs and has its head office in Paris, France. The organization had already assisted in developing over 60 TV channels around the globe. They have also managed to maintain strong tie-ups with the major players in the field of Pay-TV platform not only in France but also in other parts of Europe, in Africa, Middle-East, Asia and North America.

The Requirement

As a part of WeOn TV’s expansion plans, they required a visual identity – a logo – which is not only inherent with their vision but also separated them from competitors. A logo may seem like a simple word but it plays a crucial part in the brand promotion. The TV channel has a considerable audience of Cambodian origin. As such, they were also looking for something that would help them instill a sense of belonging with their audience and propels the business towards future expansions.

The Design Brief

At the design brief, the client specified their requirements which indicated that logo designing would require a fair bit of brainstorming. They wanted the bold and eye-catching design with a vibrant color scheme. In addition to the above, the company was mainly planning to target the Cambodian audience around the world; therefore, they wanted the logo to be incorporated with something related to the Cambodian culture.

The client was open to color choices which gave our designers the flexibility to experiment. The logo also had to be suitable for various large and small mediums like the web, business cards & t-shirts or a private jet.

The Design Process

The foremost step of designing any logo is to conduct a research of logos with similar business interests so as to avoid replications and establish a benchmark. So with initial research and some rough ideas in mind, our UI & UX design engineers started drawing the sketches. Drawing rough silhouette lets one imagine different ideas in short time without many efforts. Below is the sketch that was finalized by WeOn TV.

Once we had the final sketch in hand, the designers started to draw the sketch on a framework using Adobe Illustrator – the industry standard.

The Color Scheme & Personalization


As discussed during the design brief a vibrant and eye-catching color scheme was chosen to reflect the company’s vision. To ensure easy readability in different backgrounds, gradients of four colors were proposed, each representing associated nature. The gradients contained a hue of red and orange (representing sun, a form of natural energy), yellow (representing warmth), pink (representing friendliness) and blue (representing trusty nature).

The logo with a proposed color scheme can be seen below. After receiving positive feedback from the client the same logo was agreed upon and work started to personalize for the Cambodian audience.

After going through different ideas and understanding the client’s instructions regarding personalization of the logo, a collective decision was made to add an outline of the famous Ruins of Angkor, the capital city of Khmer and today, a national symbol of the country Cambodia

The Approval

Once we had the final designs, we provided the client with a couple of options, giving them the flexibility to choose from. WeOn TV opted for the version that consisted the outline of the Ruins of Angkor against the colorful background as they found it to be suitable to their current needs with the flexibility of future development.


The Positive Outcome

A logo is the symbolic representation of any brand and plays a vital role during branding and marketing campaigns thereby leading to the success of the product or the service. Here too starting with the company’s vision and then creating a visual identity has helped the business in establishing itself as a successful brand while letting the viewers connect with their culture. This, in turn, will significantly support the company’s expansion plans while helping them retain their existing customer base. Having satisfied with our custom logo design service the client was happy to further outsource their web app development work to us.

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