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About the company

Oradeals in Jalandhar City, Jalandhar is a top company in the category Online Shopping Websites, also known for Online Shopping Websites for Fruits,  Grocery,  Gadgets, Cosmetics, Furniture and more.


Magento Enterprise store hosted on the Amazon Cloud (AWS).

The client is was already leading a commerce company. having his bussines well establish he had the idea to start an e-commerce website to make his business grow selling their products, looking to build a comprehensive e-commerce portal site for selling all type of products.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Website Design
  • UX & Prototyping
  • E-Commerce Portal built on Magento
  • Information Architecture
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Content Strategy
  • Speed Optimization
  • Mantainence and Support

Visual Identity 

Logo design

Oradeals needed a new logo and brand identity that would best capture the image of their new store concept, which would feature the first online store on Jalandhar, Punjab, India. 

Surmountsoft Design team developed a new logo and brand identity for Market that could be used on the storefront and throughout the store on all elements. The logo incorporates the freshness and modern feel of the store concept. The stores now have a branded design that carries consistently through the store and is represented in its branding, signage and specialty food product labels.


The Result

The Magento platform was undoubtedly a solution to create a unique platform. The technology allowed us to solve the retail trade with the full range of categories and subcategories of the product list.

In addition, the design of the promo banners and call to actions was useful to promote the latest trends and offers. For this project, we used a clever design theme that was customized by our team to meet the specific requirements of the client.



Adobe Creative

Color Palette

Plugin Integrations

Responsive Web


Testing and Support from surmountsofters

After implementations its normal to face inconsistent I/O performance on the cloud, that often resulted in some page load times that were quite excessive and sometimes inconsistent speeds in some back-end operations, but with our theme experts you won’t face any this issues, we make sure your e-commerce website it’s fully responsive, optimized, plus one year of FREE SUPPORT. looking for a better e-commerce solution contact us.

 Development Process

The product development process is articulated and broken down in many different ways, many of which often include the following phases/stages:


Fuzzy front-end

Set of activities employed before the more formal and well-defined requirements specification is completed. 

Requirements speak to what the product should do or have, at varying degrees of specificity, in order to meet the perceived market or business need.


Product design

Product design is the development of both the high-level and detailed-level design of the product: which turns in wireframing the requirements into a particular product (UI&UX).

Composing the 2 parts of the Apps or web, the engineering design process,  and the aesthetic aspects of design.


Product implementation

It refers to stages of detailed engineering development and design (Agile Development Process), as well as test process that may be used to validate that the prototype actually meets all design specifications that were established.


Your Product Ready

During product development, companies need to determine their product's readiness for release. This process takes place after you have spent time learning your market's problems, building a solution and testing the product, it's time to determine whether that product is ready for release.

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