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About the company
eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform that provides an online proxy library of digital content with rich collaboration tools while managing native resolution content in storage and archive.

eMAM systems range from small workgroups to large enterprise installations, on-premise or in the cloud, with access from any web browser, Android tablet, or iPad.

The website

  • Improve brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling
  • Create a more user-friendly and more visual product feature story with improved navigation and filtering
  • Implement a more search friendly and socially-focussed on news and events to drive user engagement and value
  • Dramatically improve SEO performance
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS


  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Website Design
  • UX & Prototyping
  • Custom WordPress
  • Information Architecture
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Content Strategy
  • Speed Optimization

eMAM System

Existing System 

Customer approach to us with their existing system which allows users to upload media assets from one server to another using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SAN (Storage Area Network). Relying solely on FTP to transmit data exposes an organization to very clear risks (i.e., lack of visibility and reliability) and would pose very serious challenges with controlling the high costs associated with managing/maintaining such processes. To overcome this a new system was proposed.

Surmountsoft Solution

Proposed System

With increase in the trend of sharing media on the internet, eMAM wanted to upload media assets from one server to another without any manual intervention.

eMAM doesn’t wanted to bring any change in its existing system rather wanted a middleware to get all this stuff done.

Driven by the need to increase data security, strict governance and risk regulations, and the need to quickly transfer and track files globally SurmountSoft proposed to develop an eMAM-middleware with API intervention which helps to upload media assets from one server to another without any manual intervention.


Technical Excellence

  • Python  Development
  • Integrated APIs for seamless content access.
  • Captured metadata and other required data for media assets.
  • Enhanced User experience:
    • by posting on a single click using “Scheduler Script”
    • by providing optional upload method “Http” or “S3”.
  • Automated Scheduler using Crontabs-Celery Worker with RabbitMQ message broker for running Processing and Ingest Scheduler in the background.
  • Multiple accounts handling for posting media Assets.
  • Getting Acknowledgement using “Notification Handler Script” to track the running ingest jobs by Cloud.
  • Update every single asset’s log in parallel with the status (Downloading, Downloaded, Error, Invalid)
  • Provided an intuitive admin console for faster and simplified access to required information.
  • Continuous maintenance and testing of applications to find the gaps and improve experience.


The Benefits

We worked with the client to create an interface that was bold, bright, simple, and user-friendly because we wanted to make sure that it appealed to an audience with a range of technical knowledge, eMAM is using eMAM-middleware which helps to upload media assets from one server to another without any manual intervention on a single click. Brightcove user doesn’t need to login to Brightcove cloud every time. here some of the key features that we implement:

  • A painless transition to the cloud.
  • Global presence Expanded.
  • Quick transfer and tracking of media.
  • Customer experience Enhanced.
  • Improved collaboration and internal communication.
  • Speed up time-to-market.
  • Automate tasks, reduce costs.


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