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A great service focuses on the User Experience Design

Time and again we have witnessed ugly looking products succeed (for example Craigslist), and beautiful looking products fail (for example Color). – Paul Adams, VP of Product at Intercom

A beautiful product that solves a problem no one has will fail. An ugly product that solves a real problem well can succeed. – Paul Adams, VP of Product at Intercom

My experience in Surmount Soft has helped me understand the importance of User Experience Design aka UX Design while being able to comprehend what a UX Designer can do that a Graphic Designer can’t. While Graphic Design is an essential part of any product development phase, UX Design adds personality and meaning to product designs, thereby enhancing the user experience. Our expert team of UX Designers at Surmount Soft are involved in the careful design that reflects the product’s usability and customer experience.

Why does your firm need User Experience and Interface Design?

If you are in the process of establishing a startup company or have already done so, then you will need to consider hiring UX Designer. Unlike the common belief that a nice-looking application contributes to the success of the product but the App Development department at Surmount Soft focuses on developing a functionally-efficient and highly-usable product, which is the need of the hour.

Considering the importance of UX Designers and how they are performing a large combination of roles such as UX Researchers and UX Architects, at Surmount Soft, we perform a robust and rigorous UX research phase that allows us to develop solutions to address specific needs of our clients.

How are UX Designers different from Graphic Designers?

Graphic design and UX Design are both certainly interrelated fields with certain common areas of job responsibilities. Understanding the nuances between them will help to understand the creative process from 2 perspectives namely Usability and Beauty. To be more precise, aesthetics can have a real-time effect on the user experience but a UX Designer focuses on striking the right balance between usability, beauty, and functional-efficiency.

At Surmount Soft, we gather and identify real-time user expectations and keep a tab on delivering UX designs that address the changing user requirements and market trends. We employ creativity and innovation in identifying, addressing and reaching user expectations.

To achieve this, we adhere to some simple and super-helpful strategies, which rely on the below-mentioned focus areas to guarantee a successful project delivery.

  • Begin with a mindset that the end-user is the ultimate decision-maker and facilitating a long-lasting and consistent user experience is the goal.
  • Focus on the usability of the product rather than pixel perfection, to begin with.
  • Offer logical and practical solutions that facilitate simple user navigation and addresses their expectation.
  • Strike the right balance between usability and beauty of the product.
  • Perform in-depth usability testing of the product before launch to ensure all functionalities are meeting the guidelines.
  • Perform cosmetic testing to ensure external design elements are at par with user expectations.
  • Incorporate industry-standard techniques and innovative approaches that lead to effective and responsive UX design.