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Recruitment Automation Solution

Connect. Automate. Recruit.

Automize the recruitment process to hire people hassle-free. The best Features! Profile Review Pipeline, Configurable stages, API & Integrations, and Plugins for your personalized link.


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The Benefits of Recruitment Automation Solution

Your daily task pipeline is ready to review.

Recruitemount automate your workflow and make sure you already have tasks in place when you start your day.

You can invest your valuable time in reviewing the profiles.

With Recruitemount, you can make and define any number of stages for hiring for a job.

Each candidate has to go through all defined stages and Recruitemount ensures each applicant goes through this process transparently.

We are ready with API to integrate the workflow in your present system.

Recruitemount provides APIs and has the flexibility to integrate with your product.

Ready to use plugins so that you can integrate the Recruitemount with your website.

We provide free WordPress and Drupal plugins.

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