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Letter from The Director: New Facility Opening in Noida

Dear Employees,

Greetings from the team of Surmount Softech.

Exciting things are happening at Surmount Softech solutions, and I would like to share some important news with you all.

We have completed 4 years in this market and Surmount Softech solutions has gained a consistent, long-term success and reputation across the industry circles. Thanks to the teams’ tireless efforts to deliver outstanding products, services, and solutions to our clients.

During these years we have become one of the best choices for the Agile development partner and have developed some of the most innovative and advanced technological solutions for a large clientele located across all the corners of the globe.

Surmount Softech Solutions sincerely appreciates and applauds your efforts to continue pushing all our ideas to life while not compromising on quality and creativity.

I am glad to share that we are moving to a new facility, The Corenthum, Tower A, A-41, Sector 62, Noida. Loyalty from employees like you has fueled continued growth, making the move to a new facility and larger space necessary and possible.

Information Technology (IT) arena has witnessed a paradigm shift over the past decade. Banking on these advancements; and the evolution of portable devices as a key contributor to business growth Surmount Softech solutions will continue to focus on Open Source development, Big data, Internet of things (IoT) and customized design and development services for mobiles and other hand-held devices. The company is planning to spread its wings in the areas of DevOps, Automated testing, UX/UI Experience Design & Microservices Architecture.

Having said that, the way we have achieved great experience in end-to- end IT solutions, Strategic Technology Consulting, App Design & Development, Web Platforms and Product Development Services in Web, SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud), BPM, and IoT is highly commendable.
My deepest pride comes from our ability to ‘Succeed with uncompromising integrity’ and ‘Choose an ethical course of action’ while not sacrificing the company’s principles honesty, fairness, and respect in the process of pursuing profits.

I wish we continue to work with a common objective to become one of the best global teams in the industry while taking pride in the accomplishments and the stature of our Company, making integrity your highest priority while demanding the same from those around you.

Thank you for doing what it takes to maintain the Company’s legacy of success and integrity.

Surmount Softech solutions