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Vanity Vial

About the the blogger

Dr. Neha khanna, is a Dental Surgeon by profession & a certified Fashion Designer who breathes Fashion and love to share her lifestyle with the world, She describes her as a dreamer who is passionate about all things Chic and Classy, in love with Fashion & owning all things Limited Edition. Old school at heart, an avid traveller, a self-confessed makeup hoarder & a connoisseur of food & wine!!


To create a new and fresh look for Vanity Vial we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Neha Khanna who was sheering her fervour for Beauty, Fashion, Travel and Food. the main goal was to create a website that matches to her personality but also to her audience that was in need of easy content access and social sharing.



  • A website that is able to grow and evolve with the blogger
  • Easy and Flexibility content updating
  • Social media sharing
  • developing a robust & flexible storytelling tool, placing focus on content
  • Design consistent with the client’s branding while using a premium WordPress theme
  • Easy-to-use WordPress back-end for content updates

Responsive Web


Social media sharing

Plugin Integrations


Color Palette



Speed Optimization

Adobe Creative




For this project, we start redisigning her signature logo for Vanity Vial, something clean, vintage and fresh. After having the insipation Our teame help to guide the choosing of the best-suited premium WordPress theme. We then customized its look & feel and added custom functionalities to fit the blogger needs. We also created a robust modular system of interstitial content blocks that allow for flexible storytelling.

All about the blogger style

“The secret behind those looks”

The main goal was fulfilled respecting her style and previous concept but bring a quality to the website, organizing the blog post and creating more traffic from the social media. Her photography assets took relevance on the new website in innovative ways to create a unique, branded look.

 Development Process

The product development process is articulated and broken down in many different ways, many of which often include the following phases/stages:


Fuzzy front-end

Set of activities employed before the more formal and well-defined requirements specification is completed. 

Requirements speak to what the product should do or have, at varying degrees of specificity, in order to meet the perceived market or business need.


Product design

Product design is the development of both the high-level and detailed-level design of the product: which turns in wireframing the requirements into a particular product (UI&UX).

Composing the 2 parts of the Apps or web, the engineering design process,  and the aesthetic aspects of design.


Product implementation

It refers to stages of detailed engineering development and design (Agile Development Process), as well as test process that may be used to validate that the prototype actually meets all design specifications that were established.


Your Product Ready

During product development, companies need to determine their product's readiness for release. This process takes place after you have spent time learning your market's problems, building a solution and testing the product, it's time to determine whether that product is ready for release.

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